On the Road with Conduit

Fascinating discussion with High Commissioner to the UK George Brandis, at Conduit’s Investor day
 Topics🇬🇧: Life post Brexit, vaccination 🚀, the recovery, green economy & potential FTA with 🇦🇺

The Fat (cashed up) Controller 👮‍♀️

A $500bln opportunity to replace and renew 👏🚀



JOKER – Riddle me this ⛑💥

The rules are being written. What was “impossible” is working.
Change a plenty and cause for optimism (particularly if you’re Elon)



For the Win 💥🙌
The times they are a changing. Why not embrace next Gen ?

Greened Out 🧚
Our nemesis may become our BFF 👯‍♂️
The food industry is on the verge of rapid transformation, supported by science.
The intended and unintended consequences may be far reaching as we aim to feed 10 billion by 2050

The times they are a-changing 🌪
161 years ago oil exports catalysed an industrial & innovation boom of the US.
Who will be the winners & losers from the green revolution over the next decade?

Burkini your health 🙋‍♂️👨‍⚕️ Personalised health and gene editing will prevent and save lives 🙌 A $10trn opportunity with impact

The EX that won’t come back 🧑🏻‍🦰
Consumer buying is shifting the $3trn beauty industry.
Embrace au naturel!

“Put the car In neutral!” Dashboard light…..👋
50% of new cars sold in 2030 will be in EVs.
$500bln of Investment. Reduced emissions.
BYO charging stations.
Opportunities aplenty

Recycling is accelerating. Europe is leading, with millennials & Gen-Z most aware.
Don’t be a tosser.

Jousting sticks?
Dale Kerrigan was a modern day Nostradamus 🙌🤓
The circular economy is a $5trn opportunity.

Can he fix it? Yes he can! 🔨🛁 Home renovations are soaring & reducing CO2 emissions up to 50% 🏡🌏👏 A multi-trillion regeneration opportunity exists
🛵 Wheels up! The gig economy employs 30m people and is driving financial inclusion for 10s millions in Indonesia. Many will be part of the “next billion Asian consumers” and influence spending patterns globally.


Covid-19 is impacting many directly and indirectly. There is a lot of noise. I am working with people in many countries, who are providing constant updates about what is happening at a local level. We are constantly assessing the implications and opportunities. 


Make the UK Great Again!

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